her heart was broken. she was crying. she gazed upon the little pink diary & tears started to roll down again. she was devastated, hurt & half-insane. she took the pink diary & slowly, tore it into pieces. she crumpled the photos & threw them into the dustbin. a bright pink box with embossed teddy bears was in her hands now. she opened the cover & she got emotional. all of the gifts in it was from FT. the music box, the wrist watch, the tote, the pearl earring & even the diamond ring. it was all from her beloved FT.

FT went awol. she called, text him & even wrote him letters, yet there was no answer. the last conversation they had was 3mths before where he confessed that knowing her was a terrible mistake. it was better to say goodbyes than faking the happiness of being together. she was dumbfounded. speechless she would say. what would be the most appropriate reply for such mind boggling statement? how should a lady reply when a man expressed such heart-grinding thoughts she wondered. she opted for silence.

she was a pathetic, loyal & desperate spinster. FT was this charming, soothing creature who had filled her heart with warm summer again. her heart danced whenever he said hi or smiled. she didnt find it wrong to be in love and to love at her age. she demanded the right & never rejected affection as she is miss over sensitive. her heart was as fragile as thin ice & could easily break with even a soft caress. she could never make sense of her over sensitivity nor configure on how to reduce it as it would always back fire.


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