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it should be a happy one

26 Nov

it’s another round of graduation day for students in sester. for us tchrs, some had been in it for quite some time. it SHOULD be the day of celebration but for some, it’s the other way around.

it was a mixture of every bit of feelings a mother would have i guess – worried, nervous, jittery, anxious, elated but sad as well. the latter was as i realised it was the end of the journey for me with them. it’s been 2 years of moments together, yet, time is rather short to note.

it is always a great honor to be under the students arrangement committee. definitely because i’ll be the last one to tell them to smile, dont be nervous & be there with them until they walk up the stage. im going to prep them to their best & comfort them. in this period, sometimes i receive hugs from those who adores me & today i receive the most ‘i love yous’ in 8 years of doing this job.

this year is a hard ride. a tormenting one as well. however, i found so many good people who taught countless meaningful life experiences although they are just mere youngsters.. these people have also given me the ultimate happiness & joy in teaching. these people have miraculously taught me, that to be responsible for a child, demands none other than courage

for that, im going to miss them for so many years ahead or probably, for the rest of my life (especially the KIWIS) ^^