marry or not to marry

3 Jun

it wouldnt be fair to say that only a few throw me the IT question which refers to the subject of getting married. the WH items would be : when, why, what & who

  1. when will i be married?
  2. why am i not married?
  3. what am i waiting for?
  4. who am i waiting for?

well, if it’s an add maths equation, i would pass with flying colors calculating my answers through ^^ besides, God’s plan & what He’s written for me, this humble servant would only have one answer – it’s NOT my time. it”s my two younger sis’ but STILL not mine.

in a traditional belief, an older sister should always marry first as it’s bad luck to go before the older. although custom wise i find it right but when God sets it that way, i believe it’s cruel to go against the idea. therefore, i happily allowed my sisters to get married.

socially, a full grown woman with career & mental strength to lead a family SHOULD get married. i find it logic but women with career have lesser time to have fun nowadays. therefore, lopsided socially & they are kept hands full with job loads.

ironically, friends & families would race to match singles with any available lads who seem compatible through their perspective. yet, when the two meet, trouble would come & it’s never easy for cupid to strike if there’s no mr. chemistry around ^^

i have this strong belief that God has planned great things for me while i’m single. i dont loath the idea of matchmaking but i always believe in natural relationship which doesnt involve others to tell us this person is right for you. i dont ignore e-friends but the rate of deceiving men in the net is increasing in an alarming number which is quite frightening. how do u know a man is true by his chat & msgs?

time is running fast & i know there’s zillions of young ladies out there that can outdo me with their styles & guts. i believe in staying true to yourself is worth fighting for & with the right mind, i could go through this with courage.

i’m going with God then ^^


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