14 Dec

being humongous can at times difficult in ways unthinkable. my ex has problems to sit comfortably in planes, cinemas  and even restaurants where he eventually invent a method to excruciatingly makes himself comfy or finally avoid these options.

i, myself weigh at almost 80kg and that worries me all the time. i’m less confident if i’m surrounded by petite ladies as i’m quite tall too. therefore, i’ll be huge among them. i prefer big guys compared to skinny ones as i dont think i’m up to the challenge of being a good match in size when we walk side by side. all of my friends’ and families’ suggestions for eligible mate should go through the routine ‘size’ test first by me which makes it harder for them to help find my mr right

i like to cook and i love food. it’s the most satisfying and beautiful whenever a master at it’s field knows the whats and hows of creating mouth watering edibles. i collect cook books especially desserts and my new passion is cupcakes. being who i am, it’s rather hard for a change. the passion to cook equals to eat what you cook and this is making it harder for me to go on a diet (”-)

i like watching biggest losers and witness how they shed all the menacing kilos that form their unwanted figure. i’m not that fat but i’ll be super conscious of what i wear and who is around me. i constantly have this phobic desire to hide my tummy under my big handbag or anything i hold in my hands. i am AFRAID people could see how bloated and flabby it is.. my mom always says that it resembles a 4months pregnancy!!! ouch…

i equip myself with health magazines. i walk on the beach once in a while and control my food intake. i blame my metabolism and my age for making it worse. i hate my siblings for being so skinny and lean as i am the chubby one. i curse my gene as it chooses me and makes me bigger than the rest. i even asks God whenever i look at my reflection in the mirror and later i feel guilty and sinful. i then GIVE UP. surrender to the fact that i couldnt change it as much as i want to do so..

i watched biggest losers asia tonight just to know who will win the title, get the 100k and become as thin as possible. i like seeing them change tremendously and i agree that  figure and confidence work hand in hand to make people believe they worth a second look. it always affects my emotion to see people become thinner because they work hard for it and confidence will then slowly evoke in them and they’ll glow!

inter changing between the program, there’s an ad about the 14 days challenge by fitnesse. just eat it for bfast & 1 other meal for 14 days to see the change. my lil sis was excited and asked me to try out the challenge. as my third sis is going to get married next february, i accepted!

hence, it’s my honor to announce that miss  monster tummy, hereby is willing to use the opportunity to regain her confidence and starts a new BEGINNING ^^


2 Responses to “MONSTER tummy”

  1. wanyusnira December 15, 2010 at 12:49 am #

    we watch biggest loser but at the same time we watch MAN vs FOOD.. bahahaha!!

    • tceyus December 15, 2010 at 4:43 am #

      true true true! haha..

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