10 Dec

it is my birthday. the usual wishes and gifts are expected but not this one wonderful student of mine.. i taught her for 2 years and i’ve always like her for she is reserve but brilliant in writing. she would always came up with peculiar, eerie & sometimes mind boggling essays but i am a big fan of her 🙂

my gift is no different. it’s unexpected but i melted when i received it. in my little heart, i realised i’ve affected this quiet girl as she has done so too.. i would not judge the gift for you so u have to see it for yourself 🙂

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Assalamualaikum 🙂 

Reminisce what she told me once;
” I think you’re good at reflective writing.”
So here we go!

I still can remember our first meeting. It was during the Minggu Haluan Pelajar. She was the one who explained to us about the House System in Boarding School. I remembered the master of ceremony introduced her as ‘Cik’.

“Oh, still single,”most of the students would probably think so.

They say, first impression counts. So as usual, I made my own judgment.

“She’s strict, obviously. I like the way she talks. I think she’s okay.”

Time passed by and all Form Four students had to sit for a special test. It was the method that the teachers decided to choose in order to know in which set we are suppose to be. A few days after that, I looked at the notice board, seeing my name in that teacher’s set. Yes, I am going to be in that strict young teacher’s set. I prayed that nothing bad will happen to me.

To know you
Is to love you

The lyrics were telling the truth. Being in the teacher’s set made me realized and discovered who she really is. She is a superb teacher, the one you can share your problems with. Well, of course I did not dare to do so. She is a great teacher, the one who treat you like sisters and friends. Still, that does not mean that we can play hide and seek with her. The barriers are still there where you should respect her just like you did to the other teachers.

I can perfectly tell you how she knew I am a blogger. We were assigned to describe about someone that we think should be known. Since I was doing the task with Nabihah Ishak, we decided to write about each other. So Che Nab, that is how they call her, wrote about me. On the paper, she wrote down my blog URL. My blog link with no error. And perhaps, that was how the teacher knew about it.

Whenever she told the whole class about something regarding blog, I would look somewhere else. I would not be proud to know that one of my teachers knew that I am a blogger. In my opinion, I guess they might read my blog and someday, maybe they would discover about my bad records at school. Or perhaps about the real me, who was not a good student as they once thought. These probability made me feel insecure. Until the moment I am writing this.

In her class, sometimes we would play simple games. She would say any words that came across her mind and we have to wrote something about it. We would submit that paper to her and the next day, we are going to smile to see her comments. She would leave some comments about what we were trying to tell her and not to be mention, at least a smile =)

When writing essays, some of my friends would tell her indirectly about the latest gossips in school. Sadly, she would not let us read the essays. It might be a problem to some teachers to have students who would tell them about hot gossips in their homework, but not for this 32 years old lady.

She would motivate us whenever we lose hopes. She would punish us by asking us to wait outside Bilik Kuliah for five minutes if we are late for her class. She would stay in Bilik Guru Perempuan and ask someone to deliver her message about what we have to complete on that day when she was not in a good mood to teach us. She would laugh to hear our nonsense talk. She would tell us to have some walk around the school when we are too sleepy. She would tell us to go to the toilet and wash our faces. She would be the one who would assure us that everything is going to be okay. She is the one, the coolest teacher I have ever had.

Thank you teacher for everything. I am begging for your forgiveness if I have ever hurt your feelings all this while. I am sorry if I could not give you high marks for English but I would like to let you that I have done my best in SPM.

Happy 32th birthday to Teacher Yusnita:)
May Allah bless you always.
Wishing you would found your soul mate as soon as possible HEHE ,
have a great time with your love ones,
with a great health and of course, with the same warm smile on your face:)
Stay as you are.

# 143 teacher 😀


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  1. tceyus December 10, 2010 at 10:58 am #

    i’m bad at linking her blog to mine so i’ve done what the novice in this field would do, captured it through my photoscape and got this.. huhu

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