10 Dec

school holiday means we are out of school. my youngest sister, my nephew, niece and me are ecstatic bout having the whole month for us to lazing around and have fun! hence, we’ve decided to travel to kuantan and stay at my sis’ for a week.. as i was parenting for 2 hyperkids, i started to realise the mounting pressure a mother face to cater for growing children. i never say it’s easy but i always believe it’s manageable!

after 3 outings to the mall, i am more ready with a mommy tool belt .

  1. jacket – going to the mall can sometimes too cold for the kids. with the unexpected changing weather nowadays, it’s better to be careful and bring little comfort from home for them. if you are planning to catch a movie, it’ll definitely help
  2. wet wipes – these little urchins would munch, spin or fall anywhere they go. keeping wet wipes could wash off all the mess in secs 😛
  3. red zone – toy shop is the main attraction or even the toy section anywhere in malls. snacks, tidbits, ice cream and choc are other sections to avoid especially if your payday is a month away.


there’s many important hassle free factors to consider when they are at home too

  1. keep them occupied – hyperactive kids wouldnt stay quiet after 5 minutes. it’ll be a torture to them to sit still so, it’s our job to prepare them with things to do. provide them with toys or workbook to do colourings. kids love to paint!
  2. play play play – kiddos should be given equal n suitable toys to play with. if there’s more than 1 kid around, the toys should be according to their likings and interests. dont give them boring toys or more than what they needed. more spells trouble as one or another would want more than the other.
  3. enough titbits – as they play, children like to munch and drink. there’s no harm giving them frequent snacks as long as it’s healthy and low in sugar. giving too much of those will make them more active (sugar high alert).
  4. diapers ready – whenever they fall asleep, the tendency to wet their bed is high especially if they are too tired. so, moms, just put on the magic absorbent as precaution ( you dont want your rm300 carpet to have yellow spot do you)
  5. med box – flu, fever or even tummy ache, moms should always carry the right remedy for them. 

modernization and technology aid parents in managing their children with numerous gadgets and gizmos. i, however believe, a parent should be witty and organised in nurturing their children. although i was a surrogate mom for a week, yet, it was fulfilling and overwhelming


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