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kitty’s dark parade

28 Nov

as far as i could remember, all of us in the family loves cats. be it little kitties nor big ones, there’s no exception for us to adore and cherish them. for some, they are only nuisance with fur, but to us they share wondrous moments in life.

today, spotty, a 4 months kitty, died of unknown cause. she remained quiet, resisted food and water with constant persistence to be alone somewhere hidden in the house. these were the signs she was going away but we refused to subdued to the fact as she was in the picture of good health. she was playful and joyful to everyone in the house.

she was one of the many cats we had and lost in years. when i was little, we had this young mommy cat which had 4 kittens named after all the Japanese characters we know. one by one died of many causes which i couldnt actually remember, so we stopped giving japanese names (taboo) πŸ™‚

next batch, we named all of our kittens after characters in dallas. we have jack, jill and a few others. jack died of old age but jill was killed by a hit and run.. we encountered her in front of the house bleeding still, when we got back from our auntie’s. all of us cried..

then, we had the amazing boy. he’s intelligent for a cat and he would always know how to get our attention.. dad was the closest to him where he would instantly run to the front of the house once he heard dad’s car entering the porch. he even accompanied dad reading newspaper by sitting on it. he died when dad accidentally run over him with his car. he sneaked out when he heard dad started the car and dad didnt realise until it was too late. dad was devastated and didnt go to work that day :/

garfield and jemir were brothers i took home from my college. i saw these two little yellow kittens playing in front of my house and they were adorable. these 2 were literally urchins as they would play with anything – they killed my mom’s flowers in the pot, broken many of the decorative items in the house and mom was definitely pissed. however, they were furry and sweet. both died with diseases and garfield died in my arms..

after them we had nicky, a tommy white and had a short tail.. this little number had saved mom from being bitten by a snake which was hiding under the cupboard in the kitchen. mom was angry when he was hissing and tried to scratch mom but actually he was warning mom about the killer cobra. mom was forever thankful to him for saving her life. nicky went away one day and never came back.

he was tough with wonderful black eyes. yaakub was another tabby we owned that was hard to forget. he was born on the backyard of our house and we instantly adopted him. he was normal but his death was heart breaking. when he grew older, he went out and fought his own territory and one day he was gone. after a few months, i heard a cat meowing outside and it was really familiar. there he was in the drain yet when i called him, he remained in it without coming to the door. i was puzzled and immediately i knew something was wrong. his legs were paralysed and we suspected he was run over by motorists roaming around the neighbourhood. after leaving home for months, he came back just to see us and died with all the family members around him 😦

hitam was my mom’s beloved. he was quiet and lazy but mom just loved him. he was all mysterious, probably because he was black πŸ™‚ he died right after we took him to the veterinarian. he gave hitam a shot instead it killed him. he died in the car on the way back and mom was really upset. she blamed us for bringing him to the clinic.

we also had kuning. this one was taken home by my older sister. he was the most obedient and protective. this yellow chap would eat, go out and play but never forgot to come home. he was the only one allowed to sleep inside since he could go to the toilet himself when nature called. we just need to clean it in the morning. he too, went away one day and never came back.

we have many more after that and all of them carved memories unforgotten in us. people say, when a male cat is old enough to move on his own, he would leave his owner and roam around for his kingdom. ours were all gone and died elsewhere without us seeing it with our own eyes. they would have understand that death would only make us sad.

owning cats requires patience and the pure passion to loving them. they would touch you deep inside and when they are going to heaven, it would also do the same. it’s tormenting yet it developed you in some ways or another πŸ™‚


domestic violence

24 Nov

a man with full force struck his fist on his wife’s jaw, ignoring the frightened children watching them in a tug of war between insanity & the desire to satisfy the hunger for pain. the vivid image of pure barbarism would remain deep in these children, in their hearts and mind. but the parents, would never care how it would defected the children inside. at the moment, what matters is satisfaction..

i witnessed such agonising tragedy with these two innocent eyes. watching such terror was heart breaking. i tried to help but i was hapless. weak compared to the energy of the madness driven in the blood of the predator and mind you, even the victim was in full throttle to defend the little soul left.

bruises & cuts were visible, yet, the hearts went weary & died.. it stopped beating once the so called husband made the first hit. the moment it touched and bruised the wife, she was practically dead inside. sadly, the children died too. died from an abnormal family relationship where it is normal for a father toΒ  give a hard blow whenever his needs are not fulfilled. whenever the questions he asks are not answered and to as tiny as whenever the children ask for milk.

ironically, the victim would remain clingy and defensive to the abuser. the reason behind it would probably be out of dependence, yet, there are thousands of reason why and all of it would be unknown to us the outsider.Β  i pity the children. they didn’t respect their father but fear him. that is not love.. subsequently, the children would accept abusive force as means to get things done. to get whatever they want. little by little it’s portrayed in their normal day to day situation and fist fight is becoming routine and mandatory!

to consider nature vs nurture, when a man has the nature to beat off people just to show he’s right, it’ll nurture the same beastly attitude in his children especially to the sons. men tend to show their temper physically and most of the time, it would take a toll on the family.

abusive individual could come in any forms available. be it a fisherman or labour, but it could come from the intellectual group too. it’s the nature of these creatures which determine their doings, not the level of education they receive. it could be traumatically inherited or it’s in their blood.

just be careful out there. once they hit you, it might happen again!