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an “itik-ayam” conversation

30 Sep

a normal chat at the canteen one day turned nitemare when my friends talked about external hard disk. the lady friend is an aloof-doesnt care bout gadget-type but the guy friend is by means, a mr know-it-all-always-anywhere.

it all started when i complained that my sister’s hard disk was undetected whenever it was connected to my laptop. so, my mr know-it-all (mkia), with all his knowledge & ability of using all these technical jargon into normal-unacceptable language, explained in detail how i could save the hard disk & the high chance of me getting it repaired ( he offered to do so too).

my lady friend, was as normally she would do, gawked & sarcastically rounded her eyes, signaling that she didnt even understand a minuscule bit. she kept on telling mkia that he didnt need to be so nice to tell her all the morbid sounded terminology of the components in a hard disk before mentioned.. nonetheless, as expected & learned, mkia would always finish last & continued lecturing us about the different types of pen drive, external hard disk & even laptops’ keyboard.. pheww

we were hoping to enjoy our favourite drinks at that time but all ended tasting so bland & unappetizing. this was due to the fact that the 3 parties involved in the “itik-ayam” conversation were actually not in the same interest & one party had actually in a persistent manner, continued to say whatever he knew on topic so alien to others but he thought was not. huh

moral of the story:

1. acceptable topic is always crucial to be considered in a conversation. when it involves more than 1 person, ensure what we’ll say is going to be understood unanimously. no point in talking if others dont understand u

2. terminology is something we do in class or lecture. when it comes to chatting to friends, keep every term you know elsewhere. be as casual as possible. u can throw in a few jargon but going overboard is making others BORED

3. the skill of reading body language is highly valuable & essential in effective conversation. a soft skill to be mastered as u can easily detect when people are uncomfortable with u or your way. ignorance of signs of boredom or intimidation is a BIG NO NO.

an “itik-ayam” conversation is actually where there’s no synchronization of ideas between the people involved. neither would understand except the one telling. we dont want that to happen to us, do we..