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cakes of the century

10 Jul

The common dictionary defines cake as a sweet food made by baking a mixture that usually contains sugar, eggs, flour, and butter or oil. Most of us like cakes for its pleasurable and sinfully delightful taste. Name any flavours you want, there’ll be tonnes sold anywhere your feet could carry you.

Cake making is not a mere keeping up to the demand of sales but more of an art & competition nowadays. There’s no more simple decorated nor flavoured cakes but extravagant & peculiar as it embodies the development of men’s ideas & creativity.

Ever watch Ultimate Cake Off or Cake Boss? Just to name a few shows that display the high but attainable skills & ingenuity in crafting a cake. The shows have actually expose us to the new perspective of how enjoyment plus need can aspire unthinkable creations. A magnificient & spectacular sweet delicacy.

Mitch turner is one of the prominent cake shop owners in the UK. Gordon Ramsay, the saucy chef of ‘hell’s kitchen’, quote her as the bentley of cake making masters. She is the famous owner of celebrity-favorite little venice cake company (lvcc) . Her clients, of many are noted figures like madonna, pierce brosnan, david beckam and even the Queen. Lvcc’s lines of cakes are artistically figured & eye catching which includes party cakes, coutoure wedding cakes and even vintage. the intricate feature of a cake at lvcc marked up the price which can mount to 1ook but it is only a small expense for the rich & famous.

exquisite collection of LVCC

on the contrary, there’s always two sides of a coin. we have beautifully crafted cakes and we also have eerily mind boggling cakes to fit particular occasions mainly Halloween. men are developing but also nastily creative that leads to preparing savage looking cakes or simply frightening, that it makes some of us nauseous just by looking at them. it could range from ghouls & ghosts, dark legends or plain sickening. browse the internet and you’ll find numerous sites  catering for ‘dark’ cakes or even supplying the recipes to bake or decorate them. mind you, these kinds of cakes are also popular in demand even for weddings! go figure.

lost my appetite 😦

all in all, cakes are moving forward. moving together with the advancement of technology and mind of humans. looking at how the designs now, we are either making a difference or becoming more subconsciously psychopath. i refuse the latter.


quotes for life

8 Jul

what do you feel when you read the quote?

i was suddenly boosted with OVERJOY o.d. and elated because the quote is true.

somewhere in our life, we make people happy with our presence.

we affect somebody somehow that they will be the happiest when they see us or even catch the glimpse of us.

i have a lot more to share.

do enjoy these wonderful & magical spirit-boosting quotes in this entry..

bon apetite! 😛

akegahara hasu

7 Jul

under the foundation, a letter was sent to my school inviting all students to participate in an essay competition. the english panel decided to ask every students to send in their essays entitled “why my mother is so important to me”.

all other writings are boring and cliche except one essay written by a boy. he wrote everything about why his mother is important to him like everyone else with only one significant difference. as a woman with demanding career, i was touched when he said how his mother gave up her job just to take care of him. i quote “she told me that having money was fun, but having me was better”

as it was a reflective essay, he sincerely described how the mother educates & takes care of him. i was blown away as i am in no position to quit as i don’t have kids neither i have anyone to depend on financially. i wish i could do the same if i ever have children of my own because i do think it’s a holly thing to do.

to all mothers, thank you 😛

17 again

7 Jul

i was interested to watch this teenage flick last year when i saw the making. it seemed funny & light. but dunno how, i forgot all about it. last nite, my wish came true, it was previewed on hbo. my sisters & i were overjoyed, not the fact that we are zac efron’s die hard fan or what, but the trailer was funny.

through out the movie, we were smiling ear to ear to the fact that when we wish we are young again, it will not be the same. we might dread the decisions we made, but those clumsy, foolish & even mindless decisions had made all the person we are today.

age has somehow turn us into a different individual with different needs & desires. we tend to forget why we do things in the past & the reasons behind all our mistakes. forget why certain things matter so much to us & certain things should just remain history.

wishing i too were 17 again & living a wonderful problem-free world.. 🙂

forgetting MR. PAST

7 Jul

as if the world has come to an apocalypse, i was standing on the verge of insanity. i lost grip of the real things in life. all the visions i saw, was as vague & blinding as the misty morning. i couldn’t think, decide nor  move on. the lost had put my life to a halt. i was doomed. i was slaughtered by my own thoughtless suicidal agony. i forgot to smile, to laugh or even to feel happy. i was dying slowly inside. my heart was rotten. it only beat to my dark desire to die & to leave all the misfortunes behind. i prayed to God to take the life from me.

it was never answered. i questioned His decision. why does this woman kept alive to live a desperate lowly lie? what could she possibly learn from it? the torture. the weary mind. the hapless body. she wanted death to come more than anything & it did. it came & took the 2 close person she never expected to go. the 2, left behind a loving family & children who still need a father.

it struck me right in the core of my selfish mind. i was stunned. i asked for death, yet when it arrived, i was not prepared to go or to let go. i thought it’ll be easy to die & leave behind all the miseries as if nobody will care. what was created from death was only cries & regrets of not spending as many time together as possible. that’s something as valuable as life itself.

DEATH gave me LIFE. the will to live again. feeling sorry for myself will never bring me anywhere but blues. hence, i choose to live