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any given THURSDAY

3 Jun

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one way street to boredom

1 Jun

routine is something really demanding. u r required to do the same thing over and over again till u r really good in it that u need no instruction nor guide to get it over with. i hate the idea of being a teacher once coz i know that we’ll be doing the same particular thing throughout our service. i took the job as my father wanted me to (though there’s always a silver lining behind the clouds) and now i’m contemplating whether i should pursue teaching as my whole life career or should i take another route and reinvent myself into something fulfilling and satisfying (to myself of course).

i’m definitely thinking about all the pros and cons & deciding can cause a domino effect that i might regret in the future. my good friend finished her masters and now is teaching in a uni. she said it’s really different & easier (in a lot of categories that is). another friend of mine is applying for masters due to her husband’s request. yet, she doesn’t know why she needs a masters degree. hmm.. i wanted it too, but i dont know what am i going to do with it. is there a need for me to further my studies? what a masters degree could help me with? questions, questions & questions arise..

the root to all these negative ideas is of course boredom. although stephen covey stated that routine makes a man, it is also making the man bored (unless u r working in a theme park or enjoyable places). i’m teaching the same thing for 7years & although i’ve varied my materials & methods of teaching, it’ll go back to 1 state – boredomland – the literature component for instance, was used for 10 years till a new one is introduced. imagine that! i can actually remember all the poems & short stories word by word. huh!

one senior teacher said, we need to move out from a school once every 5 years. if not we’ll be burnt out or ‘immune’ with the administration or the culture of the school. consequently, we’ll be less productive & static. this is very true as what i’ve learnt in organizational behavior course. our productivity & skills will remain stagnant if we stayed in one place more than 5 years. go figure.

i’m considering every option i have which is:

  • moving out from the school
  • taking masters degree full time
  • moving out from my house
  • taking skill classes
  • participate in educational courses
  • invest in new hobbies

i’ll take my time to consider them & work things out. seeing others being so eager & enthusiastic makes me envious. i guess they know what they want already & accept it the way it is. i need to know it too then